Get involved

If you are a lawyer or barrister, if you are studying law, or if you have recently retired from legal practice, we welcome your involvement. We also welcome participation in QPILCH's activities by people outside the law who are interested in contributing in their own way, either by offering financial or other in-kind support.

We are grateful for all the support we receive and thank all donors and members for their generosity, without this support we would not be able to provide legal assistance to those in need. For more information on our funding, including an expenses breakdown, please visit our funding and acknowledgements page.

Become a QPILCH member

If you are a legal practitioner, the best way you can become involved in QPILCH's operations is by becoming a QPILCH member. Your involvement will broaden our member base, provide critical financial support to QPILCH and enable us to more effectively target the pro bono commitment of the Queensland profession.

Membership is available to law firms, barristers, corporate and government legal units, and associate membership is available for university law schools and other entities. Please use the links in the side-bar for more information.

Membership fees (incl GST)

Member CategoryAmount per year
Member Firm$330 per partner per firm
Member Barrister
First year
2-3 years experience
4-5 years experience
6+ years experience

$55 per barrister
$110 per barrister
$220 per barrister
Government Legal Unit Member$1,100 per legal unit
Corporate Legal Unit Member$3,300 per legal unit
Associate Member$330

Why should I get involved?

QPILCH's efficient and effective operation ensures pro bono resources are utilised to their maximum benefit and assistance is directed to those who need it most.

QPILCH provides a structure to assist legal practitioners to engage in pro bono work by:

  • receiving and assessing applications for pro bono legal assistance;
  • referring meritorious matters to law firms and barristers;
  • being a contact for practitioners who have received a pro bono request for assistance that is not within their expertise or capacity to assist; and
  • providing ongoing support, if needed, to firms and barristers who accept referrals.

What are the benefits of being involved?

The benefits of being involved in QPILCH's pro bono programs are many, including:

  • the opportunity to engage in pro bono work which is targeted, addresses unmet legal needs, and effects systemic change;
  • improved relationships with clients who value practitioners' pro bono commitments;
  • improved staff morale, sense of purpose, mental well-being, skills and experience;
  • improved relationships with senior members of the Bar and national and local law firms which undertake pro bono work;
  • access to support, when required, from senior members of the Bar and law firms already involved in QPILCH's pro bono programs;
  • access to QPILCH's expertise in developing pro bono programs;
  • access to senior law students who can assist with research and other tasks;
  • the opportunity to participate in the joint effort of the legal profession to advance access to justice for the marginalised and disadvantaged within our society; and
  • the opportunity to contribute to a positive image of the profession to build public confidence in lawyers and the justice system generally.